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Do you cluster with the healthy group?

A simple blood test

The input for the FBB Test is a sample of whole blood, from which RNA is extracted, sequenced, and analyzed.


The output is a report on the statistically determined genomic profile of the sample. This profile is represented by a single dot that can be compared against clusters of other dots. These other dots are profiles from our proprietary genomic database.

Use Cases

"Which specific neurologic health state do I cluster with?"

Differential Testing

"How does my neurologic health profile change over time?"

Health Monitoring

One blood test, two components

FBB Reagent

Add the Reagent before RNA-sequencing library prep to improve signal-to-noise.

FBB Web App

Use the Web App to let FBB's algorithms statistically determine neurologic health.


The FBB Test runs on standard next-generation sequencers and does not require any new equipment.

As the FBB Test is intended for research use only and is neither a diagnostic nor cleared by the U.S. FDA, only licensed medical doctors may interpret the test's results.

Building the first liquid biopsy for neurologic diseases

As we generate more data, we get closer to a world in which our blood test can be used as an in vitro diagnostic for clinical use. We publish our data in peer-reviewed journals with the objective of putting our powerful technology into the hands of physicians. It is incumbent on us to train the next generation of scientists to advance our understanding of the role of RNA in chronic disease.

Designed for easy adoption


Order one additional test when performing blood tests. Collect a sample and send it to the lab.


Process the sample with our FBB Reagent and run your standard RNA-sequencing workflow. Use our FBB Web App to analyze the RNA-seq data and produce the results report.

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