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RNA is the BioOS of life

Life started as ribonucleic acid (RNA) about 3.7 billion years ago. RNA remains the biological operating system (BioOS) of all organisms. Decoding the BioOS's signals enables measuring genomic health with precision.

Making personalized precision medicine real

We are shifting the paradigm to measuring health and disease through one test that can monitor patients over a lifetime.

Our CEO built the first HIV urine test, then the first liquid biopsy for cancer, and now we are building the first liquid biopsy for neurology.

First then, first now 

We are proud of our Michigan roots and our commitment to Iowa – we work closely with the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, IEDA, and the University of Michigan.

Born in Michigan, made in Iowa

Awards & Recognition

FBB CEO wins award

"Innovator of the Year"

FBB wins 1st place: Iowa Innovation Challenge

FBB featured by ADLM (previously AACC)

FBB wins Iowa JPEC pitch competition 

Core Team

Co-Founder, CEO

PhD (Microbiology & Immunology), University of Michigan

Google Scholar Profile

Co-Founder, Business


Steven Urnovitz

Co-Founder, COO

US Navy Veteran

AI Genomicist 

BS (Physiology), University of Iowa

Senior AI Genomicist

PhD (Biophysics), Johns Hopkins University

Google Scholar Profile

Senior Advisor

Dr. habil. (Zoology), Goethe University Frankfurt

Google Scholar Profile


Medical Advisor

CEO, MaxWell Clinic

Medical Advisor

Clinical Professor, University of Iowa

Business Advisor

Founder-CEO of strategy consultancy

Business Advisor

Diagnostics business development consultant

One Life, One Test

Towards one blood test for all health states and all diseases

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