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Create a new business line

Grow in tandem with the booming genomic testing market. Capture this blue ocean before the competition catches up.

Pharma companies

Maximize clinical trial efficiency by performing more accurate cohort selection up-front.​

De-risk your clinical trials by tracking early how trial participants' genomic profiles react to new therapeutics.

Diagnostics firms

Generate new revenue streams with a ​view to developing this RUO test into an IVD.

The precedent is set: Genomic tests are getting adopted and reimbursed by payors.


The FBB Test works on standard sequencers. Our products fit seamlessly into current lab workflows.

Optimize the utilization of your NGS sequencers. No new hardware required – standard NGS sequencers can handle our test.

Get privileged access to our novel technology

Contact us to validate our blood test in your preferred environment 

How we like to build partnerships


Align interests and expectations


Run a training study with unblinded samples 


Run a validation study with blinded samples 


Negotiate terms for commercialization 


Maximize clinical trial efficiency, capture new testing business

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