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Tap into the exponential growth of the RNA market

It's easier to just be first

We founded FBB Biomed because we saw the potential of RNA for medicine. COVID-19 made that potential evident to everyone.

Effective therapies only emerge after effective diagnostics. Case in point: drugs for HIV/AIDS. FBB Biomed's technology platform will be the first to enable personalized diagnostics and therapeutics based on ancestral genes.

IP that covers multiple major chronic diseases

Our discovery has a wide range of applications in human, veterinary, and agricultural health markets. Our IP contains data on multiple neurologic, cancer, and autoimmune diseases, including the early detection of disease in asymptomatic individuals.

Company profile

  • Veteran-owned

  • Delaware C corporation

  • Operating out of Iowa

  • Supported by the great State of Iowa

  • Loyal VC portfolio company

  • Capital structure: Common stock only

Awards & Recognition

FBB CEO wins award "Innovator of the Year" 

FBB wins 1st place: Iowa Innovation Challenge

FBB featured by ADLM (previously AACC)

FBB wins Iowa JPEC pitch competition 

Proprietary AI-powered RNA platform

RNA's abundance in human tissue makes it the ideal foundation for early-stage, highly accurate, truly personalized diagnostics.

Owing to its functional and regulatory role in molecular processes, RNA makes real-time diagnostics possible, as opposed to mere risk stratification.

By leveraging existing genomic sequencing infrastructure and the latest bioinformatics software, we have built a proprietary AI-powered RNA platform with diagnostic as well as therapeutic applications.

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